Movie Review: I, Tonya (2017)

This story was completely new to me so I’m finding it kind of hard to review certain aspects. I won’t go into how true to life it is because I simple don’t know. My review this time may be even more opinion-y than normal.

First, can we stop making movies where we have lower filmography quality just because we want to trigger a specific age? I’m tired of having a soft yellow film over my memory when thinking back on a movie. Maybe it wasn’t that bad I’ve seen it in a couple of movies recently and maybe it anchors it in a time a bit better but it pulls me out of the movie so I don’t benefit in the end. It also just feels like a cheep trick now.

The costuming was spot on. Objectively, I hated it but that just means it was done right because I hate the clothing actually worn at that time. Hair and makeup was good too down to how blush was done and the men’s facial hair.

Of course the acting was good. That’s partly due to the talent (Margot Robbie is a gem and the whole cast did a splendid job of disappearing into their characters) and partly due to the story just being designed for a dramatic telling. You have big personalities, childhood angst, unlikable characters with redeeming qualities, a conspiracy, and an emotional conclusion. That paired with smart usage of “interviews” made the movie nicely structured.

Here’s my drawback to the movie, there’s nothing really special about it. Besides being a new story to me it didn’t do anything new, it didn’t experiment in a fresh way. and it wasn’t a story I needed to see. I may be getting burnout on historically accurate-ish movies that don’t actually have significance.

Verdict: 2/5 If you have a chance to see it you may as well but don’t go out of your way and don’t prioritize it. I saw it once and would probably not take an opportunity to see it a second time, I just don’t think it would hold my attention.


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