Movie Review: Every Day (2018)

I may be getting too old to watch teen romances……

I don’t think my issue with this movie is my age though. Gosh, what can I say good about this movie? The concept is, on the surface, unique. Okay, onto what I didn’t like.

There are some major consent issues in this movie. It’s creepy, and wrong, and I know we are talking hormonal teenagers here but they mess up multiple people’s’ lives and I don’t even see that either of them is worth it.

She is a very vanilla female lead and the only thing interesting about him is his situation. They just are not engaging enough as characters for me to root for them in the face of the red flags and the significant hurdles.

I also don’t like how the movie resolved itself. Without spoiling, she’s very self-interested and doesn’t put others ahead of herself, the people in her life deserve better. And we don’t even get any good answers like: Who is he? How did this happen? Was he born to a person? Is he a ghost or an AI or an alien? How does the world pick someone? Does it match him to someone the exact same age down to the day or just the year or what? What would happen if we went somewhere where there was a limit on people he could jump to? What is the actual geographical constraint? Why just a day? If he changed time zones would it stay with his original timezone or does it move around? How does the power know what midnight is? We get none of that but we do get to see a girl who wasn’t being valued find value through someone else instead of being single for a bit to reach a healthy care for herself.

Verdict: 1/5 This movie was lazily written and it carried into the acting. Don’t bother with it, you’ll feel worse for having seen it. And I love cheesy made for TV romances so my bar is not high here, folks.


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