Movie Review: Overboard (2018)

I actually bought the soundtrack version of that one song in the movie and I still jam out to it occasionally.

Anna Faris deserves a hotter co-lead. This movie didn’t call for any sort of talent and it certainly wasn’t a script that demanded effort so why in the world was the least attractive man in the entire movie the lead? Uggg. It’s like Hollywood doesn’t make movies just for me.

The plot is pretty decent for a rom-com.I hear it’s a twist remake on an old one. The characters don’t feel entirely designed to be single and available. It feels like they could exist independently, maybe. At least it’s not woman with large closet in NYC and guy who could get any girl but her hate each other until they make love until they fall in love against their wished and accept their fate.

There is one very attractive man in the supporting cast who does not get anywhere near enough screen time. That hot man, Josh Segarra, from Arrow for a bit deserved way more time to be seen, or the lead. Oh well. Guess I’m only allowed to apply unrealistic beauty expectations to women.

He’s not bad though. Like, he delivers a completely acceptable performance. As does the rest of the cast. But everyone could have been swapped out and it wouldn’t have affected the movie one bit. There was very little onscreen chemistry and no real moments of brilliance. But hey, this is a rom-com and it did not over-promise.

Verdict: 3/5 A completely okay rom-com for if you want to switch it up a bit but definitely want average rom-com level engagement.


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