Movie Review: The Loft (2014)

I did not have lofty expectations for this movie…or something. I don’t know people. Not everything I write’s gonna be gold. I’m burnt. Let’s just get to it then, shall we?

This movie feels odd in my brain because it has a good  plot, and a good cast, but the cast was not good for the characters in the plot.

The plot was engaging and had one extra level than what I thought I was signing up for since I don’t remember anyone being blown away or raving when this movie first came out. It walked a nice line between keeping me from guessing all the twists and still feeling reasonable. Plus it was at least more creative than a group of guys either robbing something or playing poker or drinking. Can we stop making drinking a plot?

The cast was a nice list of people I recognize from other things. There’s that supporting cast guy from Marvel Thor stuff, Star Trek, and LOTR. James Marsden who I swear has been in more than just one rom-com but I can’t recall any. Wentworth Miller who is a gift to the world even when he isn’t doing his Snart voice. And that other guy who looks like a solid tv uncle. That guy who looks born to play the movie villian I’m sad to see die because he’s sexy. And 0 women I recognize.

Unfortunately, nobody put in a wow performance and I’m at a loss for why. There were some good parts and some good actors. It leads me to believe that the overall production didn’t care to deliver a wow movie or didn’t have the right people running things to do so.

Verdict: 3/5, a very average movie. Watch it if it’s free but your life won’t be changed.



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