Movie Review: Deadpool 2 (2018)

By the time I finish writing this you’ll probably know that a PG-13 version of this is coming out. I have no opinion on this. Not ‘no opinion’ like I am withholding it. Literally ‘no opinion’. Have at it. Or don’t. Now go away (to the next paragraph of this review, obvi).

Gads that end scene is #goals for the petty side of me that would love to have that montage for myself.

I think, objectively, this movie was as good at the first movie but it took me a bit to figure out why, months later, it doesn’t feel that way. I remember, in the theater, loving this movie and having no issues. And I think it’s this, the novelty factor wasn’t as strong. The first movie was fresh because it was different. It set a bar, opened doors, cliche cliche cliche. Other movies and shows took note of the success. So when the second came out it didn’t have that additional factor.

The plot was almost boring. Generic time travel grizzled man. Done.

The character development was clutch. New characters, old characters, referenced characters, everyone gets some tlc.

Verdict: 5/5 If you’re concerned about the rating, there’s a PG-13 version! Seriously though, you should know if this is your jam. It delivers on what it is supposed to be. I’m not going to waste more characters trying to find issues.


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