Movie Review: Tag (2018)

Okay, I know this movie got some flack because it was a story told instead of something more worthwhile. That doesn’t mean that a movie about grown men playing tag doesn’t fill a nice hole in my watching need for something light and nonsensical.

Look, this movie doesn’t claim to be anything important and it sure isn’t anything important but I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can tell that the actors really enjoyed making this movie which is nice because this could easily just be a generic role for them where they didn’t have to bring anything special and instead you got a bunch of guys, and some girls, who felt like they were having fun.

And, yeah, they tried to tie it up with some moral about friendship and keeping in touch but that wasn’t annoying enough to detract from the general enjoyment. The fact that this is based on a true story is not a selling point and that they made such a big deal about it being based on real people seemed odd. It literally does nothing for the story besides making me question exactly how true to life it was, detracting from the enjoyment, and worry that it will  come out that they lied, detracting from the enjoyment.

It felt like a long 100 minutes. For a movie about a game of tag it plodded at times. But it had enough humor and a little bit of character development to help keep me engaged.

Verdict: 4/5 Delivers on its purpose to entertain but probably not worth watching multiple times, a solid distraction from life


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