Movie Review: Christopher Robin (2018)

Okay. Yeah. Sure. I don’t feel bad for my childhood stuffed animals that I gave away to Goodwill. I’m not traumatized a little bit.

For some reason this movie made me think of Mary Poppins. It’s warm, aimed at children but with an emotional depth that will engage the adults. Besides the fact that it reminds me of my dad reading to me from the book of Pooh stories as a little kid for bedtime.

This movie also dug back up some strong childhood fears about my stuffed animals feeling neglected if they all couldn’t fit on my bed. So there’s that, hopefully this generation of children as more well-adjusted and less deeply traumatized by their own imaginations.

The acting, from the humans, was solid. The acting, from the CGI stuffed animals, was heart-wrenching and not at all the drugged nightmare dream it could have been. There’s not much to talk about here. It was well cast, well acted, and well written.

I’m glad we got a warm, nostalgic movie that was a continuation of the stories instead of trying to mesh a bunch of the original chapters together or a movie that stooped to base humor, loud noises, and bright colors to entertain kids. This movie rekindled my hope that we can still make just nice, enjoyable, movies without any catches or gimmicks.

Verdict: 4/5, this doesn’t get top marks from me not because it wasn’t a great movie but because it wasn’t trying (and succeeding) to be schema/genre/zeitgeist altering, it was just trying to be a great movie that captured the love of the source material and succeeded.


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