Movie Review: The Hummingbird Project (2018)

Jesse Eisenberg plays a smart, ambitious, socially stunted man with a goal he wants to achieve. Will people around him suffer because of his actions? Yes, probably. It’s a Jesse Eisenberg movie.

This was an interesting movie for two reasons. First, it was decently made with a quality cast and a well paced plot. Second, I came out not confused or bored about the very detailed and specific methods of information transportation.

Don’t overlook how well those details were conveyed. All of the tech concepts talked about were integral to the plot but also were well crafted as the brain children of geniuses. And yet, I didn’t feel like I was sitting in an advanced college course.

Maybe I’m not saying this well. The entire movie is basically about digging holes and making phone calls about computer code. And I was not bored. Writing a line of code in a hotel room was a dramatic, engaging moment of plot that made me want to know what happened next with the third type of boring machine.

For acting, everyone was, fine. The movie tried to do some character development but when everyone involved is cold and cerebral it’s hard to care too much about them. I’d guess they knew that when writing the movie though because they used the supporting cast to help color the development rather than hoping that the plot would get us to buy in. So while I don’t really care about the characters I did end up caring about what they did.

Jesse Eisenberg is either a lucky one trick pony that just happens to be able to play a role that is the main character in a movie a year that very few other actors can do with the same quality and that sometimes even gets awards nods or he’s typecast and does not care.

Verdict: 4/5, I am happy I saw this movie. It’s better than a 3 because it’s well made. It’s not a 5 because it isn’t sticking with me because it didn’t make me hate/love humanity.


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