I have extolled the virtues and beauty of 9 and 10 and I feel the need to explain my problem with the 11th Doctor. “Doctor Who?” you ask. Maybe skip this post. Or call me out for making basically the same terrible joke for a 3rd post.

My issue with 11 is not the actor. I think he is decent looking, even if sometimes I think he might look like Frankenstein’s monster. There is even a moment that makes me think that he is on of the better actors the show has cast.

I’m talking about: Season 7, Episode 5 “The Angels Take Manhattan”, Time 23:00 (skip Rory parts)- 25:00 (spoilers below)

He does his little kid impression because he is happy that River was able to change the story. He grabs her hand and we all see that her wrist is indeed broken. He asks why she lied.

“When one is in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a 12-year-old one does one’s best to hide the aging process,” or something like that is her answer.

“It must hurt.”

“It does.” And then she adds that the wrist hurts too. Watch his face through this and for the next bit. I cannot fully explain what it is about this scene so I won’t go on and on trying to explain, but something in these minutes make me think, “Wow, this man can act.”

So you might ask, “Prisma, if it isn’t the actor what could you possibly not like about the 11th.” Continue reading



Sometimes you see a performance and it is so good you can never get it out of your heart. Occasionally that role is occupied by someone so seemingly unqualified that people start using words like “range”. These are the roles that win awards or fan outraging sunbs. I don’t need to talk to you about the value of these roles.

Instead, let’s talk about the opposite of those roles. I will refer to them as the CWs. Now I am not picking on the CW. I eat it up. If I am looking for a decent story, some action (both types *winkwink*) but still want to be able to do things like clean or type out jaded blog entries that very few if any people will see and even less will read, that includes me, (I don’t like proofing.) then I run to these shows.

What do I mean by a CW? I mean a role that’s casting criteria probably reads like this: Good looking man, strong jaw line, very physically fit, can glower, decent voice over voice, strong grimacing face, believable as a man who pretends to live a life without trouble but really has a deep secret, must ooze sex. Sexy female, long hair, smirks well, can say the word “sorry” many ways to mean many things, can play a teenager even though she is almost 30. I decided on the term CWs because the CW is above average at finding these actors. Continue reading