Episode Review: I Wanna Marry “Harry”, Episode 6

The “Royal” Treatment

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The day starts will hell. Whistles, people screaming, A.M. hours. I wouldn’t forgive him pretending just for this. Meghan is lucky and gets to miss this. Tacky Jackie starts the day off right by being incapable of tuning to her right. Their shirts and helmets say their names and I still can’t remember who that one girl is. (Later on I see that it is Kimberly.) She says she wants to win so she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle but I think we are way past that. I have something in common with Rose, I also have the upper body strength of a cat. And for that I give her a thumbs up. Kelley…is still super annoying but she was just so good at the challenge. She is “real”. And so I give her a begrudging thumbs up.

Meghan gets to go to brunch with Sir and heads over in her pjs. At least she puts a wrapper on to kind of cover her ample endowment. Sir, on the other hand, is fully dressed. Meghan gets a thumbs up for saying, “If I was offered a husband and a Chanel bag I would not want to do boot camp.” But I think she would be outtie as soon as she found out who he really was. She says she thought their date would be more extravagant than brunch in his rooms and a friendly day of tennis but that it is okay because he is “Harry”. Their little evening set-up was gorgeous. I love fun tree lighting. Continue reading



So I may practically worship 9 but I see the power in 10. The Doctor that is. “Doctor who?” you ask. This post is probably not for you.

As a stand alone performance the 10th Doctor is pretty strong, not as strong as 9 as a stand alone though and 10 has the benefit of many more episodes and stronger writing, in my opinion. The true value of 10 I feel is in acting the relief to the final strong moments 9 showed.

Where 9 was full of content smiles and a very few moments of pure extreme emotion 10 lives his entire life through swinging emotions.

He is spontaneous and erratic and his emotions mirror that through rapid and extreme changes. When he is happy he practically bounces with energy. When he is angry he can yell, which is intimidating, or her can glare, which is chillingly scary. He can crack jokes while taking a life threatening situation in stride. But if he gets mad he gets cold. He can bring down a PM with 6 words. He isn’t keen on second chances once his favour is lost. Continue reading

Normal People in Commercials

Does anybody know how someone becomes a normal person in a TV ad? I am not talking about TV ugly people, or plus sized models, or hot guys who pretend to be nerdy, or the minority used to make the thing being advertised seem different, or the pretty people who get interviewed but are not technically actors. I am talking about the people who are actually normal looking humans.

Sometimes commercials are filled with people we are supposed to want to be. Obviously, those people make sense casting wise. Other times there are people we are not supposed to want to be. They are frumpy, ugly, pockmarked, stupid, fat, bad dressers, pear-shaped, etc. Where do they find these people? How do they handle it when someone says, hey, we need one convincing guy to be the before in this deodorant ad. He needs to be balding, pudgy, and moist looking. Continue reading


Sometimes you see a performance and it is so good you can never get it out of your heart. Occasionally that role is occupied by someone so seemingly unqualified that people start using words like “range”. These are the roles that win awards or fan outraging sunbs. I don’t need to talk to you about the value of these roles.

Instead, let’s talk about the opposite of those roles. I will refer to them as the CWs. Now I am not picking on the CW. I eat it up. If I am looking for a decent story, some action (both types *winkwink*) but still want to be able to do things like clean or type out jaded blog entries that very few if any people will see and even less will read, that includes me, (I don’t like proofing.) then I run to these shows.

What do I mean by a CW? I mean a role that’s casting criteria probably reads like this: Good looking man, strong jaw line, very physically fit, can glower, decent voice over voice, strong grimacing face, believable as a man who pretends to live a life without trouble but really has a deep secret, must ooze sex. Sexy female, long hair, smirks well, can say the word “sorry” many ways to mean many things, can play a teenager even though she is almost 30. I decided on the term CWs because the CW is above average at finding these actors. Continue reading