Episode Review: I Wanna Marry “Harry”, Episode 4

My “Brother” William

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Karina gets to eat breakfast with Sir (I’m going to use Sir more frequently because “Harry” and Matt and Fake all have more letters) and she manages to be fully clothed with hair and make-up. She prods well. “Tell me one thing about yourself that you haven’t told the other girls.” A close-up on her face shows that she has expertly covered up pimples. I feel a little better about myself now. Of course Karina goes right back and tells all the other girls. But it seems that she doesn’t get an extravagant lunch date with Sir.

Chelsea and Drunk Maggie get to go horseback riding with Sir and the rest have to muck out the stables. Chelsea brings up race. She is the only black girl. She asks him if he has ever dated a black girl and he says no but it isn’t like color comes into it. We acknowledged and dismissed that.

Most of the girls don’t take to mucking really well. But Kelley does it well with the mentality, if he wants me to then I will prove I am down to earth. They joke that they hope Maggie stays sober enough to stay on her horse. A comment to take note of: “It’s like she thinks there is going to be an engagement ring at the end of this.” At least some of the girls aren’t romantic fools.

Chelsea makes a comment about how Maggie likes her beer and Maggie takes it poorly and chugs. It’s not back stabbing if she doesn’t like you in the first place, if she does it in front of you, and if it is completely true. Sir can hear them fighting. Oh dear.

Apparently, Karina gets to do a one-on-one after all. They plant some fake fans which kind of cement it for Karina. They kiss, and not on the cheek this time. He says something in a foreign language that sounds well tutored. She says he is a good kisser which is nice and all but I can’t help but wonder if she is just a really good significant other for someone rich/powerful/famous.

Anna Lisa doesn’t think Sir is Harry because of his nose. Chelsea is kind of rude and interrupts people.  Tacky Jackie says Anna Lisa and Meghan are being mean girls again which means that I am strongly on team Anna Lisa/Meghan.

Karina, of course, tells the girls they made out. The girls still seem to like her a lot because even though they envy her because they don’t bad mouth her. At dinner she gets to go for drinks with him and the rest of the girls do shots. Kelley gets a thumbs down for being whiny. Maggie and Tacky Jackie get thumbs down because I don’t like them as people. Chelsea gets a thumbs meh because I don’t like her attitude sometimes but I am impressed with her for knowing herself well enough to make the best decisions.

Anna Lisa gets a thumbs up for being skeptical. She just drills him with question after question. Meghan keeps her thumbs up for being so game for Truth or Dare chicken dancing although it does annoy me when she keeps calling him “Babe.”

He sends Anna Lisa home which is good because he can’t afford a skeptic. She keeps a thumbs up for being so cool. But this means that Kelley gets to go to the crown suite and she almost collapses to the ground and she is annoying me.

In the end, no girl who is so easily fooled by this show should be allowed to be a publicly scrutinized princess.

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