Episode Review: I Wanna Marry “Harry”, Episode 3

See my reviews for episode 1 and episode 2.

“Spotted by the ‘Paparazzi'”

The episode starts in the suite but at least “Harry” doesn’t walk in on an undressed girl this time.

I was right about my hate for Jacqueline. She thinks that judging people constantly makes a girl a mean girl. Girl, hold the phone, because your constant judgement of Meghan makes you a mean girl by your own definition. Thumbs down.

Meghan keeps her thumbs up because she owns her judging. And I love the term “Tacky Jackie”.

Kimberly seems nice. Her date is cute. She might actually have gone for him if he hadn’t lied to her. But she seems like she might have trust issues and he isn’t giving her any reason to trust him. The “pap” guy is a nice touch for the ruse though.

Poor Kelley has to spend the day with Jackie and Maggie. But I am once again impressed with Matt for choosing to spend time with them. He says he knows they haven’t really made on impression on him yet and he didn’t think it was fair to send one of them home just because he didn’t give them a chance. But he does take the chance to throw out a few choice lies. He takes his shirt off. Cue the 2nd time we hear that he is pasty. What did they expect from a British ginger?

Kelley gets a thumbs up because she doesn’t pump him for clues but rather asks him real dating questions. She maybe hurts herself but Fake Harry jumps in romantically. So…win win.

Fake Harry throws a pool party for the girls which seems right because, girls in bikinis all for him. And 1-on-1 hot tub time. Smart man. Meghan was smart and balanced get-to-know-you talk with kissing.

Carly is apparently a person which is nice to know. And by that I don’t mean I thought she was a doll or anything but rather that she is on the show period. But I like that she doesn’t want to twerk because she wants to set an example for her niece.

I am not okay with the twerking (and spell check agrees with me because it insists the word does not exist). I can’t do it and I have no desire to ever learn it. I agree with the butler. It should be illegal.

The girls seem to like Karina. She is sweet, classy, and drops that she has dated a known soccer (football) player before. I am trying to figure out who. I love the men who play the sport so by the transitive property I love soccer.

Carly cinched a thumbs up as she left because she is together through the whole thing. I think Karina might be really unhappy if she finds out the truth. Kimberly seems genuinely happy for Karina which speaks well for her and reinforces my opinion that the girls really like Karina.

Maggie passes out drunk. If I was on the show and had the guts I would plant her in front of Fake Harry’s door to find. Maybe he would get the message that the girl is a mess. (I don’t say hot mess because her drunk actions are not attractive at all.)

We are left with a cliff hanger. Is the jig up? Did the girls figure out the truth? Doubtful unless this is an even shorter show than Firefly.

Jump to the next episode.



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