Episode Review: I Wanna Marry “Harry”, Episode 6

The “Royal” Treatment

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The day starts will hell. Whistles, people screaming, A.M. hours. I wouldn’t forgive him pretending just for this. Meghan is lucky and gets to miss this. Tacky Jackie starts the day off right by being incapable of tuning to her right. Their shirts and helmets say their names and I still can’t remember who that one girl is. (Later on I see that it is Kimberly.) She says she wants to win so she doesn’t get lost in the shuffle but I think we are way past that. I have something in common with Rose, I also have the upper body strength of a cat. And for that I give her a thumbs up. Kelley…is still super annoying but she was just so good at the challenge. She is “real”. And so I give her a begrudging thumbs up.

Meghan gets to go to brunch with Sir and heads over in her pjs. At least she puts a wrapper on to kind of cover her ample endowment. Sir, on the other hand, is fully dressed. Meghan gets a thumbs up for saying, “If I was offered a husband and a Chanel bag I would not want to do boot camp.” But I think she would be outtie as soon as she found out who he really was. She says she thought their date would be more extravagant than brunch in his rooms and a friendly day of tennis but that it is okay because he is “Harry”. Their little evening set-up was gorgeous. I love fun tree lighting.

They then get to go glamping. It’s a bed in a tent and it’s kind of tasteless. But I guess I would try to get some if I was him as well. She, for some terribly unadvised reason, TELLS THE OTHER GIRLS ABOUT THE BED! As if they didn’t hate her enough already. Kelley decides she “needs to tell him the truth about Meaghan.” No guy on a dating show has ever seemed to be okay with one girl tattling on another. They just don’t want to know. ” Kelley goes on a rant,” he remarks. Poor child, there isn’t anyway to spin that to your advantage. He might listen to her but she can’t win now.

Sir actually asks about the “brawls” and Meghan is all cutesy about it. “It’s been sooth sailing.” Girl, there were 12 women living together without technology vying for one man. It’s okay to admit that there has been some competition. I agree with Meghan though, Kelley should have addressed her first and not sprung it on her in front of Sir.

Surprisingly, Sir handles this situation better than any Bachelor I can remember. He asks the girls their opinions in 1-on-1 time. He plays devil’s advocate for both Meghan and the Meghan haters. I’m impressed by him. Thumbs up for you, Sir.

KIM! I would never tell the other contestants that I got a kiss or ever that we got on. It’s like drawing the target on yourself. At least he doesn’t toy with her emotions like he normally does with vague wording when he tells her she is top dog again. And for a second episode in a row a girl I have not liked in a single episode, Jackie this time, gets sent home as soon as I decide that maybe she isn’t the worst. Meghan leaving was odd. He isn’t really a prince so the line he fed her was B.S. But I am glad he saw that she wouldn’t be okay with Matt when she though she was getting Harry.

“Drink the kool aid you’re pouring,” might just be my new comeback.

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