Normal People in Commercials

Does anybody know how someone becomes a normal person in a TV ad? I am not talking about TV ugly people, or plus sized models, or hot guys who pretend to be nerdy, or the minority used to make the thing being advertised seem different, or the pretty people who get interviewed but are not technically actors. I am talking about the people who are actually normal looking humans.

Sometimes commercials are filled with people we are supposed to want to be. Obviously, those people make sense casting wise. Other times there are people we are not supposed to want to be. They are frumpy, ugly, pockmarked, stupid, fat, bad dressers, pear-shaped, etc. Where do they find these people? How do they handle it when someone says, hey, we need one convincing guy to be the before in this deodorant ad. He needs to be balding, pudgy, and moist looking. Continue reading