Binge Suggestion: 3%

Hello all,

I’m getting back into writing on here. While I watch a little content to tell you about I’ll drop this quick post to recommend a Netflix original that I recently watched and am still digesting.

It’s called 3%. Continue reading


Which movie should I see?

I am going to see a movie this weekend. I will review it afterwards.

Netflix Purges

And Hulu is made a hero.

A terrible few lines about my feelings.


Today I awoke

not a plan had I made

a few more episodes had I left

and would finish them, no delay.

But to my horror I found

that Netflix had taken my K-drama down.

A pit formed in my stomach

at such a horrid fate

earned by never checking

on the take down date.

But the story doesn’t end badly,

no, I will see my show through

because with a quick check

I found it on Hulu.

So if you want Lee Min Ho

in City Hunter or BoF

then for a nominal feel

it is there I suggest.