Binge Suggestion: 3%

Hello all,

I’m getting back into writing on here. While I watch a little content to tell you about I’ll drop this quick post to recommend a Netflix original that I recently watched and am still digesting.

It’s called 3%. I’m pretty sure it’s from Brazil but I watched it in Spanish with subtitles because I was able to lie to my self just enough I mean….because I completely and totally understood all of it in Spanish with no help. I’d suggest Spanish if you know it and you don’t know Portuguese (since the languages are close enough that the lip movements tracked decently) or Portuguese if you don’t because I found when I tried watching it with English dubbing it was just a little too distracting. Not sure if you have a personal preference, but I’ve found I prefer subtitles.

Why this show is good? It’s got the basics of a good show. The acting is strong. The pace is proper. It’s only eight episodes so far but the world and the plot feel so well built.

Why this show is worth recommending? It’s not the story of one girl choosing between two guys while the world falls apart? That alone should be enough. On the surface it feels like another YA post-apocalyptic story but the writers do a good job of throwing in stones to distract you while letting the ripples of the repercussions settle into your mind. It’s also not heavy in content, just dark enough that you have something to chew on, not so oppressive that you can’t dig yourself out of your mind.

If you have a day and don’t mind an acceptable cliffhanger then I suggest giving this one a whirl.

WARNING: The show does have minor nudity and sexual content. Surprisingly, so little when it could have been over the top that I actually appreciated it when it was used.

Happy binging,



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