Pilot Review: Mulaney

I was excited for this show. I enjoy his standup. And when it started I was like, I guess it’s okay that you are mimicking older comedians.

The story line is lifted straight from his standup except drawn out and weakened. The acting is stiff and reminiscent of a student written comedy sketch.

This show took kind of funny monologues and had mediocre actors stab them to death with overemphasis and practiced gestures.

His endearing awkwardness is super annoying as a leading man. I kept waiting for the scene to end and the real show to start but unfortunately the entire pilot episode felt like a failing SNL skit.

No matter how funny I find his material I cannot support this show. I want it to die soon so he can get back to what he is good at. Don’t waste your time on this show.

I’ll make you a deal, John. You put this show out of its misery and I will not hold it against you.