Movie Review: Ant-Man (2015)

Have you heard this opinion about Ant-Man? “Marvel is full of their inability to do wrong because they made the Guardians as loved, and financially successful, as the Avengers so they think they can just pick any superhero they can get rights to and the audience will fill the seats like good little sheep.” Well, that’s what I was thinking when I paid to sit through this movie.

I was like, there is no way this will be worth my time. I’m not into Paul Rudd. I don’t already know this back story. He’s an ant superhero for heaven’s sake. Good golly was I wrong. Man, this ant powered good guy movie was a pleasure.

I was not raised on comics so I had no idea what the story was with this character. But I was very happy with the hand that crafted the script. It was not a small story. It carried its weight in the Marvel universe. And it wasn’t too big. There wasn’t a lot of wasted time and the plot was pretty linear. Frankly, the whole movie was a relief for the Marvel universe. The sequels have been dark and the characters brooding. Ant-Man, on the other hand, is just a good old Marvel superhero movie.

All the acting was fine. Of course it was. It was good quality superhero movie casting. Nobody fell short.

The costuming was quality. Amazingly, ant and wasp costumes can look cool enough to not bring shame on the Avengers.

Really, this movie review can be pretty short. Just picture the greatness of one of the better Marvel movies, subtract some awesomeness because you were worried about how cool a movie about ant control could be, then add in the same enjoyment you got from the Guardians once you realized you were in for a real good time.

Verdict: A nice stand alone movie for anyone. It can be a date. It can be a family film. It can be something you see by yourself because there is no shame in wanting to see a movie without people to distract you.


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