Movie Review: Incredibles 2 (2018)

We are doing a good job doing justice to movies from my childhood with these super late sequels. This, DoryToy Story 3, good job guys. Just, like, maybe we didn’t need to make the animated boy friend different looking and still not attractive. If you’re gonna do that just give her a new love interest.

They really honored what we all liked in the first one all those years ago. The family dynamic was well-developed and allowed to evolve to help tell the story. We got the same kind of humor.

We’ve seen some superhero movies try to get a little less “monster of the day” with their main baddy and it not work well. Those  moves always seem to be for the more hard-core lore fans. But if you keep doing a MOTD you don’t get a good feeling development for the characters. Since there isn’t a stack of comic books to build a second movie from the writers had to come up with a good middle ground that isn’t Days of Future Past but isn’t a tv anime with the villain dropping in day one without a mask promising to do xyz. The writers did a good job building a villain without showing the entire plot up front.

The whole flipping stereotypical family gender roles thing was a bit zeitgeisty but I’d rather that than them not doing it. It could have been better if the kids had been aged up a bit but then maybe it wouldn’t have been the kids movie it really was supposed to be.

Honestly, I loved this movie. It gave me what I wanted in a sequel without making it unapproachable for the actual age target audience. So I’m going to stop wasting your time and just get to the verdict.

Verdict: 4/5 Delivers, I have no real complaints


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