Movie Review: Captain Marvel (2019)

Ah, the good ol Marvel setting the groundwork with a bland movie so we know who they are and why they are a thing when they bring them in for the next big Avengers film. At least she didn’t fight a Greek god who looks like a lame uncle. Seriously, if he was going to be boring and poorly acted why not just make him hot? I digress. Continue reading


Movie Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)


My, my ladies and gentlemen, this movie was something. Not something awesome but something, in that it was a thing, that happened, and existed. I gotta say, I was underwhelmed. This movie was built up. It was supposed to be a darker, closer look at the cast but with the same big bang and pow and zap that we have come to expect from the series. But it fell flat in most ways.

The acting was what it normally is. The actors aren’t at fault. Continue reading