Pilot Review: Selfie

In a world of short titles that do nothing for the viewer but provide the laziest of context, “Selfie” is not the worst and it certainly is relevant. I’m willing to admit to watching a show by that name to my colleagues. But then again, I’m not known for my taste in television.

If you had a negative knee jerk reaction to the title and are thinking about skipping this half hour of programming please let me convince you otherwise.

The show’s premise is a re-imagining of “My Fair Lady” for the 21st century. Instead of the obvious of option turning a hick into a suave socialite the writers came up with something a little more unique and far more appropriate. What they give us is the story of a young, hot, internet famous girl and a workaholic man with no time for socializing.

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Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 3

Got a few minutes and want to catch up on the first two episodes of the season? Look at my recaps for episode 1 and episode 2.

What true love parings do we get to see ripped apart from last episode?

  • Lacy chose Marcus.
  • AshLee kept her claws in Graham which is flattering, humbling, and awesome if maybe a little intense to him.
  • Clare got some action from Zack.
  • Michelle stayed with Marquel.
  • Chris agreed to be Elise’s second choice. And now he gets to stick around to rack up his Bachelor universe number for at least one more episode because it’s guys choice this week.
  • Sarah snatched up Robert.

New Arrivals

  • Danielle, Juan Paublo’s Season (I always thought she had a naturally sweet face. Like, if she wasn’t wearing makeup I think we would easily recognize her and think she was just as adorable.)
  • Jackie, Sean’s Season (I was a big fan of her as a person on Sean’s season.)

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Movie Review: The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

Watching this movie is like waking up before your alarm feeling completely rested and satisfied with life. On those days it’s like everything goes well and things fall into place without effort or unnecessary complications. That is also exactly how I would describe this movie as an experience.

The plot was strong, engaging, full enough to drive the whole movie, and didn’t feel the need to have a story for every character. The story wasn’t over-narrated. We saw the back story we needed but weren’t given a montage of unnecessary details. We see why they had to leave their family home in India without making this movie have a jarring political stance. When I associate Indian food with Europe it is with England and the movie quickly explains why that didn’t work out for the family either and gives them all the reason I needed for nomading around until they landed in the French countryside. Continue reading

Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 2

Let’s recap the couples from the end of the last episode.


  • Marquel and Michelle are a mutual match.
  • Dylan and Elise are also a mutual match.
  • Graham and AshLee are technically a mutual match but Graham didn’t have much of a choice as AshLee is doing a fine job of manipulating him.
  • Marcus chose Lacy but she had a thing with Robert as well so…
  • Robert saved Clare who is probably just a friend.
  • Ben chose Sarah and both were “meh okay” about it.

New Arrivals

  • Chris, Emily’s Season and Bachelor filming stalker
  • Zack, Desiree’s Season (who is way hotter than I remember him being)

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Episode Review: Bachelor in Paradise, Week 1

Wanna make a bet on how many times someone says something with “paradise” in it?

Meet the cast I mean real people looking for love

  • Clare, Juan Paublo’s Season
  • Marcus, Andi’s Season
  • Sarah, Sean’s Season
  • Marquel, Andi’s Season
  • Daniella, Sean’s Season
  • Graham, DeAnna’s Season
  • Lacy, Juan Paublo’s Season
  • Ben S., Desiree’s Season
  • Michelle K., Jake’s Season
  • Robert, Desiree’s Season
  • Dylan, Andi’s Season
  • Elise, Juan Paublo’s Season
  • AshLee, Sean’s Season

Late Arrivals

  • Michelle M., Brad’s Season

Daniella says, “Maybe I’m just in delusional.” Maybe you’re just drunk.

There are more men this episode than women because this is the Bachelor franchise and all we want at the end of the day is true love.

How this show works: They get to pick who they go on dates with, kind of. At the end of the week each guy will pick a girl and the odd girl out goes home. Next week a new girl will be brought in and the girls will each pick a guy and the odd guy out will go home. Repeat until they either decide to start voting couples out or they end with the remaining couples as winners by default.

Basically each week most every contestant will find out that they are not their favorite’s favorite. There will be lies and manipulation and tears. And there is no shortage of alcohol. Continue reading