Movie Review: Tag (2018)

Okay, I know this movie got some flack because it was a story told instead of something more worthwhile. That doesn’t mean that a movie about grown men playing tag doesn’t fill a nice hole in my watching need for something light and nonsensical.
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Movie Review: Ocean’s Eight (2018)

This is the first Ocean’s movie I’ve ever seen and it’s good enough that it almost makes me want to watch the others but then I remember there are so many other movies in the world and I don’t need to watch “group of men do an action thing with maybe token woman 47” because I’ve seen heist movies and I’m meh on them.
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Movie Review: The Front Runner (2018)

I don’t think I have a handle on who Tommy Dewey is as an actor but he’s cute and does a good job so I was happy when the movie panned around the cast and he was there at the table. He feels like Nicholas Hoult but like, a discount Nicholas Hoult but over time you slowly decide that maybe you’re a Tommy person after all.

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