Movie Review: Blockers (2018)

This movie was better than I had expected so I can’t really make a joke about “blocking it from my memory”. Continue reading


Movie Review: I Feel Pretty (2018)

I don’t feel prettier but maybe for a little bit I felt a bit better about myself. Too bad movies can only do so much. Maybe Amy Schumer can follow me around giving me positive affirmations, like a booster shot. Continue reading

Movie Reviews – An Update

So, I’m about 40 movies behind. Here’s what I’m going to be doing. Instead of longer pieces on movies I don’t fully remember I’m going to be doing shorter takes of the pieces that have stuck with me. Once I get closer to the current date and the movies I’ve most recently seen I’ll switch back to deeper dives. So expect a lot of shorter posts coming you way.

Movie Review: Midnight Sun (2018)

Please note that all my opinions on this movie are colored by the fact that it’s based on a short story I read in high school in a book of three short stories called¬†How Do I Love Thee. All three worked hard to incorporate the poem with that line into the relationships. It is an example of peak YA romance before post-apocalyptic¬†themes became a big deal. Now, with further ado, my review.
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