Episode Review: Bachelorette, Season Andi, Episode 4

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Part 2 of the drama. Let’s go to exotic Connecticut.

First 1-on-1: It’s Dylan. Do you guys call B.S. when the guy or girl who gets the date says that the activity is “awesome” when it is just a lame train? But my goodness…he does something we don’t hear a lot of. HE ASKED ANDI ABOUT STUFF like HER longest relationship. He did a good job carrying the conversation. HOLY…He is 26. He looks old. Have you noticed how many younger guys are on this season.

Folks, I was determined to be unimpressed by him and while I don’t see the chemistry I can’t help but regret my initial judgement.

Group Date: There is absolutely no way this is going to go horribly wrong. JJ wears a button up because…? And his shirt actually says “Jj” but I will cut him some slack because apparently he does clothing for a living. Andi wears some high-heeled sneakers that I kind of really want.

Is anyone surprised that the coach is naturally allowed to take over his team “Rosebuds” or that the personal trainer is into this competition? And “Five of Hearts” is obviously not supposed to be the natural shoo-in for winning. It’s Pants, Farmer, and Tasos for goodness sakes. And this isn’t an underdog story. Luckily a lot of her favorites are in that group. At least they get beer.

Marquel talks trash about cereal for some reason and now I really want Honey Comb, and Captain Crunch, and Lucky Charms, and Reese Puffs, and diabetes. Continue reading


On Editing Your Writing

Editing writing is something I absolutely abhor. Know this now if you plan to read anything I write ever.

Snarky remark: Editing is the job of people with English degrees. I don’t have one. So I am not going to waste my time justifying four year and lots of money.

Editing serves one purpose in writing, procrastination. Are you afraid to move forward with your writing? Are you stuck? Are you too insecure to share? Revise.

Revision and editing are just the process of going over and over the same old stuff. It’s kind of like ruminating. Kind of exactly like ruminating. Now I could cite a few actual scientific studies highlighting how ruminating is not good for your mental and possibly physical health but that would require me to open up another tab and Google because I no longer have access to the journals I had access to in college. So trust me on this. Rumination is bad for you normally. Trust me, I took a psychology class. Continue reading