Episode Review: Bachelorette, Season Andi, Episode 10

Wanna see how Andi narrowed her reverse harem down? Take a quick jaunt through episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 as well as the useless recap and Men Tell All.

Nick meets the parents: He brings not just flowers for Andi’s mother but also what seems to be rum for her father. Her mother noticed that Nick didn’t really show any feelings through physical touch. He also wore a v-neck shirt and spent a lot of time showing just how much of a nervous wreck he is.

Luckily for him he stumbled over himself so much that there is no doubt in her mother’s mind that he is telling the truth about how much he likes Andi.

Andi talks about the passion of their physical relationship and I’m just sitting here thinking that not all chemistry jumps off the screen.

Josh meets the ‘rents: Okay, I think he brought cigars for her father so maybe the show provided them and Nick’s rum without being asked.

Her mom, “This loud guy comes in and keeps saying he is nervous and he’s hot…”

Her sister drills him and he gives answers that felt a little rehearsed. Whether that is him being prepared for a nervous situation or something else I won’t judge. I want to believe in him.

It could have been editing but it seems like her father was tougher on Josh than on Nick. But he gets the blessing in the end.

Andi: “So…how much do y’all hate Josh?”

Andi’s Dad: “He is definitely one of the two greatest guys I’ve met down here.” Haaaa

I have to say that Josh’s possessiveness is kind of sexy. “Andi’s my wife, I’ve just gotta wait a few more days.” (Nick says similar things but it isn’t sexy coming from him.)

Aside: I don’t think you know if you can fit into someone’s family until you get stuck in one of their fights that you can’t escape. You have to know what type of fighters they are.

Josh’s last date: They go yachting. We have the obligatory hand-holding jump into the water that happens at least once a season.

Josh insists that he knows Andi so no matter what else there is to learn he knows she is the one and his feeling won’t be changed by any little details.

Andi worries that if the physical drive and the passionate romance dim they won’t have much left to keep them together.

He wrote her a little note. (At least it isn’t poetry.) And he made her her own baseball card which is kind of adorable for his level. It has her name as Andi Murray. (Some tennis fan is going to be really confused.) And it has her as being the first pick of the first round which is sweet. Fun fact: Husband Josh has never missed a day saying “I love you” which is a nice way of making a promise to her.

Nick’s last date: They go off-roading and actually have a deep conversation. But where Josh was trying to banish Andi’s fears, Andi spends most of the time babying Nick.

I’m obviously playing favorites, people.

The day: Andi goes to Nick’s door and says the she woke up and felt that it wasn’t right with him. At least she didn’t let him get down on his knee.

Nick accuses her of taking it too far. I kind of actually feel bad for him. But not really because he is blaming her and she is doing the most decent thing she can in the situation, especially when her feelings were engaged on a deep level.

We learn that Nick has followed Andi around filming the after episodes trying to talk to her and she has declined. Get over it dude. This is a TV show.

The only proposal: Josh’s proposal is really long, y’all. And Andi gives a speech back. It kind of feels rehearsed but still cute because of all the “babes” and intakes of breath and whispers between smacking kisses. She is impressed with the ring but that’s kind of lame because he didn’t have to buy it. Josh also is sweating so much and is pretty bright red.

For the first time the entire season I am so glad to be done with Andi. Darn happy people in love.

There is actually drama in After the Final Rose.



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