Episode Review: Bachelorette, Season Andi, Episode 8

We are getting close to the end people! Look back through my eyes at Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (also the filler episode if you are that bored).

For those of you who are looking for answers not given in the episode look elsewhere. All I can offer you is the best darn color commentary anywhere on the internets (valid opinion of my friend Catsy that definitely counts as a reliable source).

It’s hometowns! This is the time where we can see if we, I mean she, would fit well with the final four contestants’ families.

Nick’s Hometown: On their tour around Milwaukee they hit up a brewery where there is a beer on tap called the “Nick and Andi” and then they polka (which I am much better at than they are) and that’s the story of how I warmed back up to Nick.

His family is large, ten siblings. She and Nick get to sit on one couch and the entire brood plus significant others minus one brother sit/stand across and fire questions.

I’m so hot and cold with this man. Sometimes I really hate him. Other times I think he is just adorkable. And that’s probably due to skilled and experienced editors.

Potato’s Hometown (Chris): Con, Potato is a farmer in Iowa. Pro, Potato is apparently one of those rich farmers. He has a nice house. It is really pretty, y’all.

She sits on his lap to drive the tractor. It bounces up and down and I’m impressed with his self-control.

In the promo she asks, “What would I do for work here?” and he replies, “Well, there’s an opportunity to be a homemaker.” I was all like, Oh no you don’t. They made a fool of me. In the actual episode he continues to explain that the nearby city is large enough that she could work as a DA or find some way to continue law easily. And then a plain flies by with a banner that says “CHRIS LOVES ANDI” and I think I now have a crush on Potato. Rumor has it that if he doesn’t win her heart then he will be the most likely choice for the next Bachelor and for the first time this season I am completely okay with that.

His family is so supportive of him. His mother heard what he thought was their biggest hurdle, what Andi could do in Iowa, and she makes sure to second Potato’s opinions and give Andi the advice she knows needed to be said from an experienced source. Then his family wraps up the night and plays a game I know as Sardines and it’s like I’m watching one of those well-adjusted wholesome families from a Hallmark movie.

Josh’s Hometown: Tampa. They play baseball together and I hope that any kids they have refuse to play because I can completely see him being a micromanaging coach of a father.

We hear a lot about the football stuff. On one hand, it must be nice to not be the sole center of attention and focus point for all the questions. On the other hand, this is her one chance to really gather enough experience to make a gut reaction. It’s nice that they all see that Josh is in love. But the single message of we go to games together and that will be your life too is freaking me out a little bit. It’s a little too tight of a family for me. I would probably bolt. She can have him.

Marcus’s Hometown: I am completely okay with a rehash of his stripper routine. Not only is he very attractive but it puts her at ease by making a fool of himself. I’m not surprised that their relationship is so physical. He is 25 which makes him the youngest remaining guy by 4ish years and also makes him the only contestant left that is younger than her. (I think she is 27 or 28.)

Eric passing away: It is sad. But I feel like they really milked this. Not that they don’t have a right to and not that they approached it incorrectly. They approached the announcement and mourning sensitively and with respect. That being said, this is the second time we get a reaction scene. I like this reaction scene better than the one where she put on her PC face. The scene of them mourning with the crew is grounding for everyone. Let’s be honest though, we will rehash this for a third time when the men tell all. I don’t doubt one bit that someone made the final editing cuts with ratings and public opinion in mind. Never forget, the camera was always rolling.

Rose Ceremony: Her dress reminds me of a watermelon. She walks away and cries and the only reaction that I really can read well is Josh’s. He looks sincerely worried and disoriented that the woman he loves is hurting and protocol dictates that he must stand without reacting. I’m not saying the other guys don’t react the same, just that his is the face I can read. Chris is often more stoic.

She makes her choices quickly. We don’t get the whole, “Gentlemen, only one rose remains. Whoever doesn’t get a rose…” *cue dramatic music* scene. It is a simple one, two, three, resolution.

The greatest contestants on this show to me are the ones that allow the Bachelorette or Bachelor to cry and apologize and say what she needs to say to make herself feel better without lashing out at her or making it harder by trying to change her mind. I have always thought it was incredibly selfish of the Bachelor or Bachelorette to try to make things okay with explanations when emotions are ruling the eliminee. So I think it is a good person that can stand there and be strong for the Bachelorette or Bachelor even when it has to be so much worse for them.

Marcus being sent home: I think there are a few reasons she sent him home. First, he is the youngest contestant left. Even if she didn’t think about it consciously she does seem to be attracted to guys who are older. Second, she seems to respond best to guys who take a little bit to admit to their emotional commitment. Marcus is open and fast with his use of the L-word. Nick is completely skeptical of the process. Josh took forever to say the word. Chris would rather approach his feelings through indirect means first as the secret admirer. But Marcus practically threw his emotions at her. Not that that is a bad thing, but that doesn’t seem to be what she really responds to when she does a gut check. Finally, he has been so honest with her that it is only right that she be the same and if her gut check is telling her that she can’t reciprocate or if she is considering him just because his love makes her feel safe but she isn’t in the same place then it is only right that she lets him go.

Read about the final 3 right now!



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