Episode Review: Bachelorette, Season Andi, After the Final Rose

If you missed the entire season then cheat and check my review of episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, pointless recap, and men tell all.

We start off the episode, where we are supposed to see Andi and Josh happy, with Nick’s sob story. He stalked her when she went on vacation. (Don’t tell me the word is followed. I mean stalk because that is stalker material.) The he tries to sit down with her at Men Tell All and is denied both times. She feels she isn’t ready to sit down face-to-face with him yet but he manages to hand over a letter. And wow, I just remembered that there was a letter in the spoiler at the end of episode 9 and there was a lot of drama made about it.

This season was the season of the disappointing build up. Although there might be more drama in the first few minutes of this episode than the entirety of Men Tell All.

Nick comes out to chat. It actually seems hard for him. When he is asked if he thinks Andi made a mistake he honestly says he doesn’t think he is in the position to answer that. He admits that Josh is a great guy and that he knows Josh will appreciate and cherish the woman that Andi is. But he can’t help but wonder. Andi is about to come out…

But first we get to see the “Most Bleachable Moment” brought to us by money. Money: We’ll do, and watch, pretty much anything for it.

Back to the show. Andi and Nick meet. And it is SUPER awkward. Andi read the letter. We don’t really get to know what it said. Nick doesn’t actually have a question for her. She thinks the hard part is knowing that she can’t give him her heart. He thinks it is that she led him to believe that she had. And I can’t argue with him. But we must remember the most important member of the show: editing.

Andi goes with the Bachelor/Bachelorette cliché: There was nothing wrong with him/her and there was nothing wrong with us, there was just something more right elsewhere.

And then it got good people. “If you weren’t in love with me then why did you make love with me?” Darn. Any sympathy I had for him is gone. Kaput. Now I’m just really impressed with the girl for not slapping him and booting his below the belt hitting butt off the set. Let’s hope Josh doesn’t find out before Nick is long gone.

We see a preview for Bachelor in Paradise which I will be reviewing because I can’t help myself. It looks like they took Bachelor Pad and said, why does there have to be a winner? Why can’t we mess with people for fun, ruin their lives, and not care because they volunteered?  I don’t know if you ever saw the show Temptation Island, but this promises to be of the same flavour except with all the hot messes we have come to love over the seasons. And we are still pretending that this is about love and not about my need to see romance fail, pretty people cry, and human nature rule.

Andi and Josh come out. Their plans for the future: Enjoy being engaged for a little. Josh wants a fast wedding. Andi wants time to plan it. Andi is not pregnant although Josh jokes that he is trying.

Apparently Andi’s frown is a thing. (I personally think her listening pout is funnier.) They brought out Grumpy Cat. Neither Josh nor Andi can make the cat do anything but sit in an uncomfortable curl. And with that the season died out. At least it was better than the last Juan.


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